Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Punting On the River Cam

On Thursday following class we had our first adventure punting on the river Cam.  We spent a fair bit of time the day before watching people navigate the river (both successfully and unsuccessfully!) and were excited to give it a go ourselves.  Powering a boat with a pole alone is surprisingly difficult, but made for some super photos.  When our hour on the river was up everyone had improved a great deal - by the end of the summer we'll all be punting pros!

The first boat is launched...

Jeff and Derek at the helm

The historic mathematical bridge
Punt jam
Liz learning to rudder
Adam and Fay go pole-less!
Even professors punt...
Scott is a natural
Sam's punt and the beautiful King's College grounds
Still smiling...
Erik F free from an adventure in the tree...
All in all, this was a great way to see another side of Cambridge and to spend some time together after class.  Next time there will need to be some video...

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